The Center of Northern York's Knowledge Association is dedicated to advancing educational opportunities for children all over Maine. We are not the only Maine organization that works toward these goals. We're proud to work with others toward the betterment of our own program and to improve education and opportunities for children throughout the state of Maine. Here are a few organizations that we work with whose goals align with ours. Exploring these organizations provide other ways to get involved as a volunteer.

York, Maine Resources

The Continuing Education Program at York County Community College - These programs help students transition into the work force after graduation.

Young Adult Services at York Public Library - This page displays the activities and events provided for 8-12th grade students at the York Public Library.

Northern York County YMCA Branch - The YMCA has a long tradition of providing excellent activities and resources for children. This is Northern York's branch.

Student Activities at York Schools - This is a helpful resource for parents, guardians, and mentors. It lists all the activities, teams, and clubs offered at the York public schools.

Other Maine Resources

Resources for Educators - The Educate Maine organization does amazing work for the state's schools and students. Teachers and parents will find these provided resources especially helpful.

Financial Education Resources - This organization helps students and educators teach children about financial literacy and planning.

Distance Learning Nature Resources - Maine is full of beautiful and unique natural life, and we love to help our students get back to nature. This resource is full of ideas of how to do that.

Audubon Society Educator Resource Center - Maine's Audubon Society has some amazing resources for education young birders.

Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center - Maine's flora and fauna includes a wide variety of fish and other aquatic creatures. Here are some resources geared toward teaching children about aquaculture.