Expanding Young Minds at the CNYK

The Center of Northern York's Knowledge Association hosts an after school program that is dedicated to improving the education of Maine students of all ages. From mentorship, tutoring sessions, and specialized educational programming, the after school program is full of opportunities for student growth. Join us as a drop-in to see what the program is like, or become a member today.

Tutoring Sessions

For students who are struggling in school, help is here. Join one of our tutors, and see what you can achieve. Whether you struggle with Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies, our tutors will work with you to complete homework and prepare for exams.

Mentorship and Peer-to-Peer Matches

Students who need guidance and confidence really flourish under our mentorship programs. Younger students can be paired with high school students, and high school students can be mentored by our adult volunteers. Mentor matches meet at the Center to participate in educational activities together, like our monthly activity or outing. The mentorship program is a great way for students to gain a positive presence in their life they can count on checking in with for support with all things school and social.

Theme Nights

Once a week, the after school program runs late to host an educational program for Maine students. These invents can include cooking nights, science experiments, art nights, poetry readings, documentary screenings, and so much more. What students can count on is a fun and educational event that can help them make new friends. Please join us on Thursdays! Check our calendar for details.

ESL Sessions

ESL students are encouraged to join us on Tuesdays when our ESL volunteer joins us for extra study sessions. Students will get help with English grammar and reading, as well as great opportunities to practice conversational skills in a fun environment.

A Week in the After School Program

This program meets daily with after school transportation available in some cases. Students join us for tutoring and study sessions to work on homework. They'll be provided with a snack and plenty of mentors to help them. When students are finished with work, they're welcome to play board games, or visit the library room to read, chat, or work on other projects. On Thursdays, most students stay late to participate in the themed activity for the night.

The after school program is dedicated to building up a student's academic skills and confidence while helping them create positive relationships with other students and older mentors. Any student who is struggling in school, whether with grades or making friends, is welcome to join us at the Center of Northern York's Knowledge Association.